Operational Progress

Work  has  started to  commercialize the final production unit of the MyoVista.  It will be manufactured in the United States at a third party ISO 13485 facility.  HTL has hired a VP of manufacturing and is close to hiring an experienced software programmer. It has already engaged engineering consultants and is finalizing the selection of a lead design engineering firm.  The process of re-engineering the sampling board has gone smoothly and is near complete and we have sourced an Intel off-the-shelf  main board which alleviates the need for, and is significantly cheaper than, the previous custom main board. In short HTL is making good progress in its goal for the MyoVista to be in sale nine months after closing the $10 million Offering.

Private Placement Offering

Common Stock @ $0.40 per share Minimum investment - $50,000.00

For a quick view summary please follow this link, Summary
For the more detailed Private Placement Memorandum please click, Private Placement Memorandum.

The MyoVista Device


The Offering of $10 million is made at a price of $0.40 per share of Common Stock which represents a pre money valuation of $24 million and is broadly comparable to previous equity offerings.  The private placement memorandum is attached. 

The Offering is capped at a total of $12.5 million with a minimum of $3 million.

The Offering is open to existing investors as well as new investors.  The minimum subscription is $50,000 but for existing investors we would seek to accommodate lower subscriptions upon request.  Please contact either Richard Parris (
richard@rjp-capital.com) or Lisa Gelinas (lisa@rjp-capital.com) at RJP Capital Ltd. if you have any queries relating to participating in the Offering or any general queries.

RJP Capital launches $10m private placement offering for Heart Test Laboratories.

After successfully finishing the bridge raise of $1.5m in March of this year, management immediately went to work on completing the tasks they set out to.  Now with the advisory board in place, the completion of the PPM and the launch of a beautifully designed and highly informative website, HTL is ready to move into the stage of production, marketing and sales of the MyoVista heart screening device.

Heart Disease – the leading cause of death Worldwide!

RJP Capital Ltd.

Level 13 Broadgate Tower

20 Primrose Street

London  EC2A 2EW

Identifies three major heart issues:

  1. Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
  3. Valvular Heart Disease

Non- Invasive – Safe with No Risk
Low Cost Testing – Similar test cost to ECG
Easy to Perform – 15 minute test
Easy to Interpret – Simple to understand output, ideal also for primary care