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Our Team

The partners and associates of RJP Capital Ltd, together with the advisory support on which we can call, has a wide range of skills; knowledge of various business areas combined with many years of practical “hands-on” experience to offer both companies and investors.

Before introducing any company to investors, RJP Capital Ltd will work with the selected companies to develop their business plans. This support could not only include the provision of funding, but also board representation, short or long term, that RJP Capital Ltd would be able to provide through the advisory contacts we have developed and are continuing to develop. Our continuing involvement and support to such companies is a key component of our business strategy and which we believe differentiates us from the rest.

  • Equity fund raising including standard equity issues, staggered fundraising schemes (“trombone issues”) and issuance of convertible Capital Bonds

  • Equity fund raising via its existing depth of High Wealth Individuals across the world

  • Both PLC and Private company Board experience

  • Risk management procedures across all business areas

  • Interim management, experience at Chair,  Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Finance Director level for companies within various industries

  • Turnaround specialist / specialism

  • City and investor relations presentations

  • Cross-border mergers, acquisitions and disposals across various countries

  • Cross-border experience in Petroleum, reservoir & drilling engineering, plus excellent understanding of reserves classification & their implication on financial reports

  • Project financing of oil & gas, renewable energy and medical schemes

  • Management of innovative hydrocarbon development projects – various backgrounds

  • Direct project management experience ranging from small-scale projects ($8mm - $3 billion)

  • Experience of government level negotiations in variety of countries

  • Exit strategy to include advising on a private sale or to advise on listing the company for IPO

Our diverse expertise allows us to manage an investment from the initial identification of an opportunity throughout the fund-raising process. Once the fund-raising process is complete, during the course of our investment, we will continue to work together with management teams to ensure that the interests of the investors introduced by RJP Capital Ltd. are protected as far as possible.

As RJP Capital Ltd. develops, we will continue to keep strengthening our advisory network to allow us to consider as wide a
range of business opportunities as possible.